Hideaki Matsumoto

Composer & Koto Player | 松本英明


ピチカートやハーモニクス、箏の胴を叩くパーカッシブ奏法等を駆使した箏・ピアノ二重奏曲が中心。メロディアスで繊細さと迫力を兼ね備えた作品は親しみやすく、世代を超えた人々に支持を受けている。 ソロライブ活動を中心に、作曲家としても委嘱を手がけるなど幅広いスタンスで活動中。


He is mainly composed the koto-piano duet that make full use of pizzicato and harmonics and percussive playing like hitting the body of the koto. His work is a melodious music that combines the delicate and powerful. His work is easy to listen to, and he is popular with people of all ages. He mainly performs live solo concerts but is also very active as a composer. He won the bronze medal at the 7th Kenjun Memorial National Koto Music Contest in 2000. He released his first CD, titled "Melody," in December, 2004. He appeared on the program “Daimei-no-nai-Ongakukai(Concert without a Title)21" on a TV Asahi-affiliated station in March 2005 as well as in “Just before Break!Get Together, Young Artists!” He released his second CD, titled "Dramatic Strings," in December, 2005. He is becoming more than just a koto player,but an accomplished musician.


Self Portrait

  1. 再生のリフレイン
  2. Over Drive
  3. シャングリラ
  4. 小さな想い
  5. 風の行方
  6. ラビリンス
  7. transparent
  8. あんたがたどこさ
  9. song for the innocent
  10. 彼方より

1-7 : koto&piano
8.9 : koto solo
10 : koto&violin
※ RE-REC / 4.5.6.

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Dramatic Strings

  1. 風の行方
  2. 桜の下で
  3. 白い闇を抜けて
  4. いつか
  5. precious!
  6. 荒城の月
  7. inner flame
  8. 小さな想い
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  1. BLOOM
  2. 光の庭
  3. てぃんさぐぬ花
  4. 千鶴へ
  5. ラビリンス

Sheet Music

  1. BLOOM (箏ピアノ二重奏) / BLOOM for Koto and Piano
  2. 光の庭 (箏ピアノ二重奏)  / Hikari no Niwa for Koto and Piano

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